New Minecraft Mod Adds Exclusive Minecraft Earth Mobs to the Java Edition

The beta announcement trailer for Minecraft Earth, which is an augmented reality version of the already very popular game, designed for mobile devices, provided a lot of insight about the upcoming game.

Some of the new content that will be featured in the new Minecraft game already made its way to news pages: One of the popular new additions is a muddy pig.


Some modders took the mobs that were presented in the Minecraft Earth videos and added them into the Java edition, while also crafting special mechanics for them.

Velvoxel Raptor’s Minecraft Earth mod for Minecraft introduces a few specific mobs, associated items and designated gameplay mechanics to Minecraft Java.

The best part is that all the new creatures all have a transformation process, which turns the “normal” versions of the mobs into mobs that were shown in Minecraft Earth trailers.

Muddy pig

The muddy pig is one of the new mobs. In order to create a muddy pig, players have to create mud by putting dirt blocks into water blocks and get pigs to stop and sink into them. When a regular pig falls into a mud block it will take damage until death and then respawn as a muddy pig with a flower perched on its head.


Cluckshroom is another new mob created by feeding red mushrooms to chickens. When killed, Cluckshrooms drop two new items: red feathers and mystery mushrooms. Throwing red feathers at other mobs adds a random status effect to the mob, while eating the mystery mushroom does pretty much the same thing to the player too.

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