Errors when redeeming codes on Xbox – Try These Fixes

Errors when redeeming codes on Xbox

Are you getting errors when redeeming codes on Xbox? The popular gaming platform lets you redeem codes only if your Xbox subscription is active or there’s no balance due on your account. If you find these two conditions aren’t met on your account, it could be the reason why you’re not able to redeem the codes on your console.

However, we have a few troubleshooting steps that can help you fix these errors and be able to redeem a code again.

What to do when you get errors when redeeming codes

Preliminary checks

  • Check the redeem code. If it’s correct, then you should be in the clear. If you entered the wrong code, it’s probably why you can’t redeem it on your console. If you’re sure you have the correct one, try and sign in to your Microsoft account and type in the code there
  • Check your membership. Some Xbox users can get errors when redeeming codes under their current membership type. It’s important to note that there are specific offers that are valid only for Xbox Live Gold users, so without this particular subscription plan, you won’t be able to get certain codes. Go to Settings>Account>Your Memberships to check your subscription type, for Xbox 360. If using Xbox One, go to Settings>Account and check
  • Check availability of the purchase and content usage service. You may also get an error message when trying to redeem prepaid codes, but you can check the purchase and content usage service to fix the problem. If your device can access the internet, you can access the service and see if it’s running. If it’s out of service, wait for a fix from Microsoft

Check if the code has been redeemed

If you get errors when redeeming codes on your Xbox, it’s possible they were already redeemed. If you find the code SVC6004 error as you try to redeem a code, it’s probably already redeemed. Log in to your Microsoft account and go to Services & Subscriptions area to see if it’s still valid or redeemed.

For game content, check the game library from the account and check if the code is there.

Check the activation of the promo code

For promo codes to work, the retailer has to activate them, but this can have delays from the retailer’s end, which can cause other errors like 801613fb. To resolve this, wait up to one day or more to redeem the code, or contact the retailer to check if they’ve activated it.

Check your subscription

If your subscription is suspended, you can’t redeem codes on Xbox. To resolve this, do the following:

  • Sign in to Microsoft and go to Services & subscriptions
  • Find your subscription and go to Status to click the blue question mark
  • Click Pay now and follow the prompts

Check the region you’re using the prepaid code in

If you get errors when redeeming codes on Xbox, you can check if you’re redeeming it in the same region, otherwise you won’t be able to use it.

Delete and download profile

Some errors mean the codes are already redeemed. To check, go to Settings>Account and click Download History. If it isn’t there, delete the profile and download it again using these steps:

  • Open Settings>System>Storage>All devices
  • Click Gamer profiles
  • Find the profile and click Delete>Delete Profile only (saves games and achievements)

To download the profile:

  • Press Guide and click Download Profile
  • Type your login information
  • Choose where you want the profile to be stored
  • Wait for the download to complete and check if the errors go away

If nothing works, change the region on Xbox website as some errors can occur due to location-based issues.

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