Pokemon Sword and Shield Leak – Galar Legendary Pokemon

Fans are getting more and more information from leaks about the upcoming Pokemon Sword and Shield. Nintendo Switch users will see good things coming their way soon. The leak comes before the November release of the Pokemon game.

Galar Legendary Pokemon

The region that has been illustrated in the game is new to the Pokemon world and it is called Galar. There have been whispers that a Legendary Pokemon will pop up in the region, as that is his stomping ground by design.

The Legendary Pokemon will possibly be Eternatus. He will be awakened from his eternal slumber by the power of Dynamaxing. This power is able to take Pocket Monsters and convert them into massive beasts. This is done by performing special moves.

Players will fight side by side with Team Yell that has been compared with Team Rocket. Everybody loves a villain. If you actually don’t, then you just have to work with them anyway to progress the game.

New content

Whispers also include a new character appearing in the game that will be probably officially announced as the release date for the game draws near. The character is called Clovis and he is a battle commentator. He will be giving players across Valar access to Rotom, the IV gen Pokemon.

Another Pokemon to expect will be called Seagulp and he will be funny looking. As an Ice/Flying class character, he will have a rather large oval mouth.

So, be prepared for the 15th of November to get your hands on the Nintendo Switch exclusive game. You will get a brand new region to explore that is based on the rolling hills of the UK. The starter pack for the game is said to include Grookey the chimp, Scorbunny which is quite obvious, and Sobble which is an amphibious lizard.

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