Watch the 2019 Pokemon World Championship

The Pokemon 2019 Championship has begun and will include a variety of game streams in the days to come. Washington D.C is hosting the event and Twitch is the place to go if you want to watch the matches.

Several divisions are having competitions to see who is the best player at the game. These include Pokémon TCG, Pokémon VGC, and Pokken Tournament. As a special promotion, Niantic will hold a Pokemon Go event on the 16th of August.

Trainer battles will take place after the opening ceremony. These will be available to watch live on Twitch in the first-ever streamed Trainer Battle. The event will see 8 of the best trainers compete for the title as the best Pokemon Go player.

The finals will be held on Sunday at 9 A.M. and they will be broadcast simultaneously on all Twitch channels. You can view the winning teams and decks after the championship is decided on It has been reported that the major winners will receive $500.000 in prizes.

Twitch Pokemon Channels

  • tv/Pokemon
  • tv/PokemonTCG
  • tv/PokemonVGC
  • tv/PokkenTournament

Pokemon convention

The event itself in Washington is quite the experience for fans, especially the young ones. The location for the event is filled with all sorts of Pokemon-related materials, including massive balloons, booths, toys, and other merchandise.

Many fans just come to chill out in the lounge areas, play some games and meet up. The event acts as a convention where Pokemon related material is available everywhere you look.

The event is also an opportunity for fans to purchase Pokemon related toys and clothing that is not available anywhere else. A few notable examples are Pikachu and Piplup dressed as Indiana Jones, with an explorer’s hat, binoculars, and everything.

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