Minecraft Pocket Edition Version + Mods Update Available with New Improvements

Minecraft Pocket Edition is one of the best selling smartphone games of all time, being installed on over 10 million devices worldwide. Why is the game still so popular 6 years after its release? Let’s talk about it.

Creative mode

Minecraft is an open-world game, allowing for role-playing, discovering and developing new worlds. The game’s Creative mode is meant to challenge players’ imagination, as infinite resources are available. Players can fly or dive deep into water without drowning and monsters can’t damage their health, so they can safely focus on shaping the world around them to their liking.

Survival mode

This mode puts the player in a dangerous world, without weapons, food or shelter. Players have to start from scratch and work their way up, gathering crafting materials, building a house and progressing throughout the game. Nightfall means that various vile monsters are on their way to attack the player, which can either fight them or avoid them and take shelter.

Adventure mode

Adventure mode is somewhat like a combination of Creative and Survival. The player starts as a talented adventurer, traveling around the game’s world to discover people, nature, cultures and various mysteries.

Here is a short list of modded versions of Minecraft Pocket Edition v 1.13. 0. 4  available for download:


Retail – Free paid app (no mods)


Unlocked premium skins

Unlocked premium textures


  • Unlocked premium skins
  • Unlocked premium textures
  • No damage mod
  • Unlimited breath
  • Max Inventory Size
  • 1 hit kill with weapons
  • Max score
  • Indestructible Tools

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