Make Your Google Maps Experience More Efficient

If you travel a lot and use Google Maps all the time te help you arrive to your destination, we have some tips on its features that you would want to hear. Keep reading if we made you curious.

First, we would like to tell you more about sharing your location

Sharing your location is now easier than ever. If you access Google Maps, you know that the little blue dot is actually your current location. From there everything is very simple. You can share it with anyone on your contact list.

If that’s not enough, by using Maps you are able to save your parking spot location. Pretty cool, right?

As we said before, sharing your location and other amazing stuff like sharing with other people the progress that you have made in order to arrive to your destination by using the navigation, these things are really easier than ever.

Next, Google Maps can be helpful when you have to take care of your errands

If you’re wondering why we have the answer for you. Well, it’s very simple. When you’re on the navigation mode and you’re in a rush to get somewhere, Google Maps will tell you if someplace that you might need something from is nearby, like a gas station or a grocery store. The app will also estimate how long it would take you to make a quick stop and get back to your regular route.

Another thing that Google Maps allows you to do is to retrace your roamings

If you traveled a lot, especially to foreign countries, and you want to retrace your steps in order to remember every interesting place that you have visited, Google Maps can help you with that. The Timeline feature will allow you to do that. Also, you can erase your location history if you feel like you’re being followed.

That’s all we have for you. We hope that these features will be helpful.

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