Why Ion Propulsion is a Better Option for NASA?

We have written this article to tell you more about the NASA’s current basic technology when it comes to the propulsion systems and how a spaceflight engineer thinks that the ion propulsion would be a big improvement. Keep reading if you’re interested in finding out more details about it.

Does NASA use outdated technology?

We find out about the fact that NASA’s propulsion system is the same as the one from Apollo 11 and that does not sound very good. The principles are similar to the ones used on the first landing on the Moon because the laws of physics can’t be changed, that’s just one of the reasons that the experts gave us.

A better option proposed by Ella Atkins

The spaceflight engineer Ella Atkins thinks that there is something that could make things better, the ion propulsion.

How does the new system work?

Now, we would like to tell you why Ella Atkins believes that the ion thruster can be revolutionary. The main reason is that ion thrusters are not burning rocket fuel in order to propel a spacecraft. The system used by ion thrusters is different, the spacecraft can be launched with help from the streams of positive ions.

We also want to tell you that Ion thrusters can provide a very powerful propulsion system and that’s why the spaceflight engineer believes that they could be a better solution.

Why ion propulsion can‘t be used just yet?

The bad part is that the ion propulsion system has to made a lot of improvements in order to function on a bigger scale. NASA is using ion propulsion only in some cases, for example when a small spacecraft or a satellite need to remain in the good orbits.

That’s all the information that we have so far. We’ll keep you posted in case something new will come up.

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