Killer Bees Cause Death in Texas

A Waco, Texas man died because a swarm of approximately 40,000 African killer bees attacked him as he rode past on a tractor in early June according to US News.

Apparently the man accidentally bumped into an abandoned chicken coop. This action startled the hive and prompted the swarm to chase him. The man reached a water hose, and he tried to use it to fend off the bees. A woman attempted to help him, but she was also repeatedly stung. So were firefighters who arrived on the scene to attempt a rescue.

This particular bee hive was soon exterminated by a local company called Bees Be Gone. Allen Miller, the company’s owner says he has been called to exterminate these particularly aggressive bees more frequently this year than he has in the past. He says he has already worked on as many hives this year as he usually does in an entire year.

Miller says he has been attacked before, but found that retreating to the car and turning on the air conditioning will cause the bees to retreat.

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