Dangerous Sources of Gold from Asteroids

After all, working in outer space, mining asteroids isn’t that efficient and profitable, either. In a continuously run of searching for ways of getting rich, space just isn’t yet our work ground.

Recent studies brought to light in what seemed to be an idea of getting a chance to work in space. Scientists stated that mining asteroids in search of rare minerals and metals is the least thing we can do to get some money from it. But how come this is not a good idea? Scientists further explain that the possibility of doing that will bring us more problems that winnings.

Future space conquerors could dominate those asteroids and then try to build some areas there in order to be livable and produce fuel for rockets when they are at long distances from Earth. But if something goes wrong, then all the gathered resources will land dangerously on our planet.

Cosmo chemist and science author, Dr. Natalie Starkey, explained the risks we could face if we take the decision to start mining the asteroids. She further explained that there are some risks, but if we do all the steps precisely and choose to actual drag an asteroid to a safe place, for example near Moon, chances for Earth to be affected will be very low. The Moon will assure a protection called ‘gravitational sweet spot’, letting us create a base from which we can go back and forth to the dragged asteroid and mine it.

If we succeed doing that, the area where the mined asteroid will head next will be completely unknown. That’s a risk we don’t know if we can understand it and accept it. NASA tried to start a mission of mining in 2019, with the incredible help of robotic mechanisms and explorers.

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