Ancient Humans Loved Dates as Much as we do it Nowadays

The story goes back to the Ancient world when people were not very involved in other human relationships, completely, but they appreciated them sometimes, even succeeding in keeping some long-distance relationships.

Archaeological and genomic proof shows that, as anatomically modern people traveled out Africa, they succeeded to meet and interbreed with the well-known Neanderthals in western Eurasia, long time ago, almost 50,000 to 55,000 years ago. Researchers found that the Neanderthal genes are still very omnipresent telling that the first groups of modern people they encountered were not so many and stayed like that maybe for a bigger period of time for Neanderthal DNA to combine through the creation population.

It is scientifically proved that a genetic mixing existed because the Asian populations from East have over 12 to 20 % more Neanderthal DNA than European people. What’s more interesting is the fact that in eastern Eurasia, another modern population, known as Denisovans, met, too, with the Neanderthals.

Denisovans create quite a stir because it was found that their genes are present in the DNA of East Asian people, Aboriginal people from Australia, and South Asians, as well. Scientists discovered one of the most intriguing things, they identified a group of modern people, as well, but it didn’t match any race at all. They called it EH1 and believed that it interbred with Austral-Papuan and Asian people, following by the creation of a shared genome.

In Indonesia, scientists discovered another extinct hominin, named it EH2, and they stated that it could be seen in the genomes of the people who live in Liang Bua Cave, Indonesia. The most interesting location is where most groups of archaic humans, in Southeast Asia, lived, but in total isolation from one another for hundreds of years. These people are the successors of the population who live today there.

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