Dungeons & Dragons Eberron Update – Latest Features and Improvements

A massive number of geeks, nerds, and all kinds of enthusiasts will get excited over the Eberron campaign in the fifth installment of Dungeons & Dragons. I know I’m excited about anything that relates to fantasy but this campaign will have science fiction elements as well.

What is Eberron?

With Eberron enabled as a setting, the otherwise ancient-medievals worlds of Dungeons & Dragons will be a tech upgrade. A massive one, in fact. Worlds such as Faerun and Oerth will get trains, flying craft, sentient robots, skyscrapers, and floating cities as a cherry on top.

Players will get a new sourcebook that has 320 pages. Dungeons & Dragons will feature Eberron: Rising from the Last War. The book will constitute the continent of Khorvaire, which has been ravaged by war. Four new playable races will get players excited as well as the mysterious ability that involves using dragonmark tattoos.

Khorvaire is also host to another group of stories from The Oracle of War. The storyline takes place within 20 episodes and it involves many factions hunting for a special artifact. And no, it’s not the Infinity Gauntlet.

Linking Player Backstories

Parties will have an easier job with making their mark in the world of Dungeons & Dragons with the help of a feature called group patrons. This will link up party background so that it won’t just be a bunch of random strangers roaming the countryside. The industry-heavy city of Sharn will be featured, along with its lightning train network. Marking the quest potential within the city.

Artificer Class

A new class of hero is coming to Dungeons & Dragons with Eberron. The artificer class appeared a couple of editions ago and will be reintroduced with the abilities. As per the name of the character class, the artificer will combine magic and tech to create combat solutions.

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