WWE SmackDown: Jeff Hardy Rejects Alcohol From Sheamus in Bizarre Segment

After what was a really good edition of SmackDown for most of the night, the main event angle of the show featured Sheamus presenting a “Toast to Jeff Hardy.” Yes, we are still making light of Jeff Hardy’s very real issues with substance abuse as part of his storyline with Sheamus. And juding from the reactions on social media, everyone is very tired of it. But, alas, this is what closed the show.

Hardy made his way out to the ring, which was filled with tables of liquor and a bartender. Sheamus appeared on the video screen via Zoom from his home bar. Sheamus talked about Hardy being a junkie for a pick me up. He said he wasn’t just talking about his drugs and substance abuse that have cost him thousands of dollars and the best years of his career. He went through Hardy interfering in his matches over the last few months.

Sheamus said he had found the solution to all of Hardy’s problems, and the answer was in one of the bottles in front of him. Sheamus then offered the following toast:

“May your troubles be less and your blessings be more.

As you drink yourself blind and pass out on the floor.

Your wife and kids cry when you enter their thoughts.

Because your life’s been nothing but a series of DUIs and mug shots.

Jeff, with a drink in your hand, you’ll never walk alone.

Please never change you beautiful, beautiful junkie.”

Hardy responded by saying that Sheamus has to be the sickest person he’s ever met. He asked Sheamus if it’s funny for him to rub his pain in his family’s noses and the pain that he has caused them? Sheamus responded by saying he doesn’t have to live a lie anymore because he knows there’s nothing he’d rather do than jump right back in the gutter with both feet.


A bartender then offered Hardy a glass as Sheamus said “bombs away!” Hardy said, “You’re right, what’s the worth that can happen, right?”

Hardy acted like he was going to take a drink but then dumped it on the bartender. He then broke a bottle across the bartender’s head and nailed a Swanton Bomb from the top rope.

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