Hackers to detect what you type with a smartphone

Just by using a smartphone you give hackers the green light to listen to what is being typed with a lot of accuracies. This means that they can also get access to your personal info.

According to some researchers from Southern Methodist University, they can get access to your information in a more subtle way. It appears that they can use nearby smartphones to actually intercept the sounds of your typing. Another team of scientists have found that the acoustic signals and sound waves that are produced when we type a message on a computer can be understood by a smartphone in no time.

The sounds that the phone gets can then be processed and they can allow a very good hacker to actually understand which keys you struck and what you were typing.

Researchers were able to see much of what was being typed by using the common keyboards from the smartphones. This happened even in a noisy conference room that was filled with people having different conversations and others typing their own messages on their phones.

Scientists said that they were able to understand what people were typing at a 41% word accuracy rate. Then, they proceed to say that they can extend that number out above 41% if they are to take a look at the top 10 words that they think people use most. This comes from Eric C. Larson, who is an assistant professor at SMU Lyle School’s Department of Computer Science.

It can take a couple of seconds to get the information that you’re typing. This comes from Mitch Thornton, in a paper that was published in the journal lInteractive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies.

So what can we do now?

Based on the information that they found, they think that smartphone manufacturers are going to have to make sure that the privacy of their users is at its most and they will need to do something about the sensors in the smartphones.

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