The Princess Bride Star Embraces Iconic Quote to Promote Wearing Masks

The Princess Bride star Cary Elwes took to Twitter to use a quote from the movie to encourage people to wear masks — and it may not be the one you think. Yeah, there’s a widely-circulated meme that’s a quote literally about wearing masks, but instead Elwes chose to share something that repurposed the “My name is Inigo Montoya” line, made famous by Mandy Patinkin in the film. Of course, it shoudln’t be a surprise to anybody that fans in the comments shared the “it’s just that masks are terribly comfortable” meme featuring Elwes himself, too. His humor in this case, though, was a little darker than in the movie.

Elwes, who has also had memorable roles in Psych and The X-Files, isn’t fooling around when it comes to safety. You can see his tweet below.

Based on William Goldman’s novel of the same name, The Princess Bride debuted in 1987 to critical acclaim. Since then, many fans have marked it as one of the best films ever released and in 2016, the movie was added to the National Film Registry. Other than Elwes, the movie also starred Robin Wright, Peter Falk, Fred Savage, Betsy Brantley, Mandy Patinkin, Chris Sarandon, Christopher Guest, Wallace Shawn, Andrew the Giant, Billy Crystal, Carol Kane, and others.

In total, The Princess Bride ended up making a modest $30.86 million at the box office. It was much more successful critically, eventually earning an Oscar nomination the year of its release, and has gone on to become a celebrated classic thanks to its success on home video during the age of movie rentals.


Recently, there was a remake of The Princess Bride, done in quarantine and by numerous actors who used whatever they had on hand for props, wardrobe, and the like. It marked the final performance by the late Carl Reiner, the comedy legend whose son Rob Reiner directed the 1987 film. It was released on Quibi, making it one of the most popular things to air yet on the micro-video service. The original film, meanwhile, arrived on Disney+ earlier this year, so that’s where you can stream the Elwes version, at least for the time being.

What’s your all-time favorite quote from The Princess Bride? Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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