​Tesla V10 Software Update: Features Highlights​

Elon Musk’s Twitter page acted as a teaser for Tesla’s V10 software update, which will be widely released later in August. Owners with early access will receive an early August update, and they have already been informed of a scheduled date of the update launch.

However, even though the timeframe for the update is set for the end of August, the update itself might arrive at a later point in time. For instance, the Advanced Summon Mode was supposed to arrive in ‘about six weeks’ almost ten months ago. Even so, this is something Tesla owners have got used to, so many are ready to wait.

Tesla’s last significant update, software update 9.0 came with a multitude of new and unique features, including Navigate on Autopilot. The V10 update should bring numerous games and infotainment features, enhanced highway Autopilot, better traffic light, and stop sign recognition and Smart Summon.

Tesla’s V10 Software Update​ Features Highlights

Netflix and YouTube Streaming

As per Musk, V10 update will come with the possibility to stream Netflix and YouTube when the car is stopped. This feature would definitely be incredibly useful when supercharging. Even though the vertical position of the display in the Model S and Model X is not that perfect for media streaming, it is better than your phone.

According to Musk, once Tesla receives regulatory approval for full Self-Driving, the company will make the video streaming feature function even when the car is moving.

Enhanced Stop Sign and Traffic Light Recognition

It goes without saying that the recognition of stop signs and traffic lights is a greatly vital feature necessary while heading towards a ‘full self-driving’ (FSD). The upcoming software update will come with an enhancement in Autopilot’s capacity to identify stop signs and traffic lights. Tesla has been operating this task on ‘shadow mode,’ assaying driving situations and comparing how the system would react to what the driver does in the real world.

Smart Summon

This feature will be incredible to depict Tesla’s progress on its way to FSD as the car will actually drive itself with no driver inside. Smart Summon enabled you to summon your Tesla to your location on an area of around 150 feet of where you parked. As soon as the internal testings are complete, Tesla could implement the Smart Summon feature via V10.

Cuphead on the Way to Tesla

Cuphead and other Unity-based games will be available on Tesla with the new V10 software update. According to Elon Musk, Cuphead will have the capacity to run at 60 frames per second to offer an incredibly smooth gaming experience.

Cuphead was created with a game engine called Unity. Unity is a rather popular choice of engine for game developers, and there are a lot of games created on the basis of it. Musk stated earlier that the Unity port is done, and the company is working on the controls at the moment. The feature will allow extra game storage via a USB port.

Minecraft and Roblox

Elon Musk definitely knows what people want: Minecraft and Roblox. Replying to a response to the Cuphead announcement asking for Minecraft, Musk said the company is working on it. Aside from Minecraft, Roblox is also making its way onto the Tesla display.

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