Survivor Legacy Is A Resident Evil-like Online Strategy Game

Survivor Legacy is an upcoming online strategy game set in a post-apocalyptic world full of zombies. The game would please both strategy and Resident Evil fans thanks to its exciting storyline and gameplay.

Survivor Legacy Release Date

The game is now in its closed beta version, but it will soon move to the open beta phase. Survivor Legacy is developed by GameHollywood and R2games and represents an interesting storyline in the world of RTS online games.

At the moment, you can test this title if you sign up for the beta project on the official Facebook page of Survivor Legacy.

About Survivor Legacy

The story of the title is pretty exciting. The player, named ‘Pioneer,’ has the job to look for a new world for people to live on and thrive. That because the Earth is facing a zombie apocalypse.

You have to build defensive structures to protect against attackers and develop attacking strategies to fight enemies, which, in this case, are zombies. Players can also recruit new Heroes and join in Guilds.

Guilds can compete one against others for resources and territories in the so-called Guild Battles.

More Features of Survivor Legacy

If you know Resident Evil, then you will also enjoy Survivor Legacy. In this game, you will have to slay the so-called Walkers in World for points and to level up in the game.

Each time you kill zombies, you will receive rewards and in-game Speed-Up items that last for several hours and help you build structures and Heroes faster.

For more EXP, you can join in clans known as Guilds in Survivor Legacy. In Guild Battles, you will also receive Guild Gift that will give you extra XP, prizes, and much more.


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