Realistic Venom Head Made From Gingerbread Looks Terrifyingly Delicious

A realistic Venom head made from gingerbread looks terrifyingly delicious. Caroline D. Eriksson uses the cookie to fashion art that is both haunting and beautiful. The Norwegian artist posted the Venom sculpture on Instagram and fans were blown away by how detailed the work ended up being. Venom has been in the public eye again over the weekend, as the original animatronic model from Spider-Man 3 resurfaced. Eriksson’s creation stands side by side with that professional work in its horror factor and scope. Bringing the classic version of the character that millions know from the comics to life is hard, but the artist is able to communicate all those veins and curves easily in the gingerbread medium.

On Instagram, she wrote, “Working on a dark new project…?I’ve been trying out a different technique which I am looking forward to share with you? I will be posting the finished piece soon! Hope you are safe and doing well

She would soon add an update, “Just a sneak peek of the new gingerbread piece, it will be done this week…!? See what.. who.. it is? Fingers crossed it doesn’t collapse in this crazy heat..!”

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Some detailed stills of gingerbread Venom!?

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Then the picture of the final product got posted and people couldn’t say enough about the job she did with the bust. Eriksson thanked all the fans for their kind words, “We are Venom?Finished my gingerbread symbiote bust after a couple of weeks and a gazillion hours!? I tried out a gingerbread “clay” recipe for this which actually allows for sculpting in a more traditional way, amazing!! Everything except the base is edible – the drool is made of isomalt and piping gel, and it is airbrushed with edible colours.. I will post some detailed stills and making of in a few days! “


What did you think of this cookie approach to Venom? Let us know in the comments!

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