Pokemon Sword and Shield Latest August Update Available to Download

We have more exciting news about Pokemon Sword and Shield. It seems like the game developers have prepared a surprise and we’ll tell you exactly what it is. We’ll give you more details about the features and the new generation of Pokemon.

What‘s new?

More details about Pokemon Sword and Shield have been revealed last week by Nintendo in a Direct conference. We were able to hear about some plans for the new game. One of them is the introduction of a couple a new rivals like Marnie or Team Yell. Also, a new form of changing Pokemon might be introduced as well. It will be called Morpeko.

Galarian Linoone and its evolution

If that wasn’t enough, we saw some of the new Galarian forms of the old Pokemon. The two of them are Galarian Weezing and Galarian Linoone. The evolution of Galarian Linoone was also revealed and it is Obstagoon.

Now, the fans had some things to say on Twitter about Obstagoon. They said that the evolution looked like Gene Simmons from the popular band Kiss. But that’s not all. We have the response of Gene Simmons about the situation. He said that he was flattered of the homage that Pokemon was paying to Kiss.

Another great news is that we’ll see soon the new Pokemon. Rumors say that Seagulp will be one new Pokemon, but we don’t know for sure if that’s actually true. Also, we have for you one of the new features, Dynamaxing. Its ability is to make huge the Poket Monsters and to give them more powers.

If you didn’t know, we already have the release date for Pokemon Sword and Shield. The launch will be on November 15 and the game will be available only on Nintendo Switch.

That’s all the new updates available so far, but we’ll keep you posted.

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