Pokemon Journeys Just Recreated an Iconic Ash-Pikachu Moment

If you have been with Pokemon since day one, then you will recall some truly iconic episodes of the anime. Ash and Pikachu have been through a lot with one another. After traveling from region to region, the pair have had their ups and downs. And thanks to a new episode of Pokemon Journeys, fans were able to revisit the anime’s most iconic Ash-Pikachu moment with help from Mr. Mime.

To get you caught up on the scenario, the scene debuted earlier today when Pokemon Journeys put out a new episode. The update followed Ash after the boy inadvertently offended Pikachu by giving Riolu special treatment. Pikachu is soured by the experience, and when he is jaded once more, the Pokemon runs away back to Pallet Town. Mr. Mime follows Pikachu since the starter is so angry, but things only go from bad to worse.

After all, Pikachu and Ash did make some enemies leaving Pallet Town years ago. The episode finds Mr. Mime and Pikachu taken aback when a flock of Fearow comes flying towards them. This scene will look familiar as these same Pokemon harassed Ash and Pikachu following their introduction. With Pikachu unwilling to fight the gang, Ash put his own body on the line to save his friend, and his sacrifice is what convinced Pikachu to give him a chance.

That is exactly what happens in this Pokemon episode, and the scene is a shot-for-shot throwback. Fans can watch as Mr. Mime stands before Pikachu with his arms out to take the Fearow barrage. Of course, Pikachu saves the day before anyone can be pecked, and this surprise reference brings the Pokemon back to his roots. That is why Ash and Pikachu are able to reconcile when they are reunited, so let’s hope the gang can avoid Fearow gangs moving forward.

What did you make of this hilarious Pokemon throwback? And who did it best – Ash or Mr. Mime? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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