Pokemon Go, Harry Potter Wizards Unite or Minecraft Earth?

Which one is better? Pokemon Go, Harry Potter Wizard’s unite or Minecraft Earth?


We have written this article to tell you about the opinion of experts when it comes to some well-known video games such as Pokemon Go, Harry Potter Wizards Unite and Minecraft Earth.

In the competition for the title of best AR video game are the ones mentioned before. A lot of people claim the superiority of Pokemon Go and we’ll tell you why. We’ll talk about each one individually because we want you to find out what’s their particularities.

Firstly, Minecraft Earth

It was released by Microsoft. Everybody says that there are a lot of similarities between Minecraft Earth and Pokemon GO. However, we heard about the fact that the game it’s supposed to introduce some changes. One of them is that Minecraft Earth might be an interactive video game which will have a multiplayer function.

Pokemon Go and why it‘s considered superior

It’s a well-known fact that Pokemon Go is a very popular video game. It has way more fans than Minecraft. The numbers don’t lie and the players always respond with enthusiasm when a new update occurs.

Lastly, Harry Potter Wizards Unite

Another video game that is similar with Pokemon Go is Harry Potter Wizards Unite. Here’s what we know about it. When you’ll play it, you’ll have to find the beast and to use your spells and abilities. It’s pretty much like Pokemon Go. Also, you will have to go through some preventing video games which are benefic for the players.

To conclude we have to tell you that Pokemon Go is way ahead of Harry Potter Wizard’s unite and Minecraft Earth and some people think that these video games should not be compared because their level is totally different. We’ll wait and see if Minecraft Earth and Harry Potter WizardS Unite will gain in time the same popularity as Pokemon Go.

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