Ocean Heatwaves are Affecting Ocean Life and Fishing Businesses

Climate change is affecting more and more the planet and too little is being done by human beings to stop the negative effects of pollution that lead to this climate change.

A pressing issue, one of the many consequences of climate change, is the heating up of the oceans, which further affects oceanic flora and fauna and the business that depend on the ocean, such as fishing.

Is there a solution to fix the oceanic heatwaves?

There is a new study conducted by a team of scientists at the Gulf of Maine Research Institute and published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences that reveals the fact that large areas of the oceans are right now exceeding the normal parameters. This fact has as consequence the destruction of fisheries and many other businesses, some being the sources of income of many human beings. By undergoing so many changes, the oceans’ ecosystems have to suffer and the people that depend on them are also going to suffer. The alternative will be to adapt to whatever the future brings to the oceans.

The researchers gathered data on the annual temperature of 65 main marine ecosystems. The information dated from the beginning of the 1900s. By analyzing all data, they succeeded in determining an average temperature. Everything that surpassed or fell under the average temperature by two levels was marked as a ‘surprise’. The aim of the research was to find how humans and ecosystems adjust to drastic changes.

The results of the study revealed that starting with the 1980s the temperature of the oceans rose, especially of the Arctic and the Atlantic. Starting with 2010, the Pacific and the Indian oceans also registered an increase in temperature. There were only four instances in which the temperature of the oceans dropped since 2000.

Scientists are more than certain that the rise in temperatures in oceans will only rise in the future as the quantity of carbon dioxide eliminated in the atmosphere increases. There are many measures that must be taken in order to ensure that marine life and businesses.

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