No Man’s Sky Seventh Update, Beyond, Date Revealed

No Man’s Sky is an action-adventure survival game developed by Hello Games in 2016. Since then, the developers released seven updates to the game, each one increasing the experience of the game. The first update of the game was the ‘Foundation Update’, followed by ‘Patch Finder Update’, then ‘The Atlas Rises’, ‘Next’, ‘The Abyss’ and ‘Visions’.

No Man’s Sky developers have revealed that there is a seventh update of the game that is scheduled to release on August 14th. The name of the new update is ‘Beyond’ and it will be free. The developers revealed the long-awaited virtual reality support, as well as an online experience of the game.

‘Beyond’ has three main components

An important aspect of the “Beyond” update is that it will present three major elements. One of the components is named “Online” and is anticipated to broaden the game’s multiplayer characteristics. Players will be able to gather from every part of the universe and play together.

Another component of the update is the virtual reality support for Windows-compatible headsets, such as PlayStation VR on the PlayStation 4 version and Steam. The VR experience will be enhanced in order to make the game as real as it can get.

An important part of ‘Beyond’ is that VR players will have the opportunity to reach out to players that do not use VR, while in multiplayer mode. According to the developer, anything is possible in the new update of No Man’s Sky. The players will be able to control the starship to hover over unexplored alien planets and to look out of the pilot compartment to watch the new world. Also, the multitool owned by the players can be used to manipulate the terrain and to sculpt various shapes with it.

The third component of the update was not disclosed yet, but it is expected to be announced by the developers until the release of the game by mid-August.

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