Nintendo Switch Lite Getting More Improvements

The Nintendo Switch Lite will be launch later this year and handheld users can expect the device to have more improvements than previously expected. Nintendo has announced significant details that concern the Switch Lite but the company has not played all of its cards.

The budget Switch

Nintendo made a July announcement regarding the Switch Lite after a long period of rumors and speculation. The smaller device has been made for the budget user that does not want to break the bank to purchase a Switch.

The device will hit the shelves in around a month or so and Nintendo has provided fans with a new peek at the Switch Lite. The gadget will be smaller and lighter than the original. It’s all about the economy here. Everything that could be cut, has been cut. There is no controller compatibility and some of the buttons have been removed.

How is it different?

The Switch Light has received a nice screen upgrade and it has been revealed to have a brighter and warmer color scheme. These come together to create better white balance, making for a quality experience.

The analog sticks are a little bit different on the Switch Lite. Their housing dor the controls has a different build. This could mean more grip for your fingers. The batter life is a major bonus as it will last longer due to consumption optimization.

Company statements

Nintendo has described the new Switch Lite as a compact device for the gamer on the go. As opposed to addressing the financial side of the device. They say that the new model will support all Swift related software, meaning you can play all the games that are on the regular Switch.

Nintendo is marketing the device as something you can easily bring with you and actually play outside. Perhaps sitting on a bench or some stairs. Like kids used to do. Of course, playing online or local multiplayer games with friends has been highlighted.

But no TV connectivity means that you’re actually better off playing on the device somewhere other than your house.

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