Nexus 6P Collaboration with Huawei – What’s New?

We would first like to remind you that time when Google talked for Huawei, after the Trump Ban happened. Well, there is more than that that actually happened.

Some sources say that Google worked on a Google Assistant-powered smart speaker with Huawei. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Apparently, they gave Huawei its own lab at Googleplex Headquarters, when they collaborated on the Nexus 6P smartphone in 2015.

Google and Huawei made the team and worked together on the Nexus 6P’s camera and display. These two companies apparently became so close during this time, that they would eat dinner and get drinks together often.

People started to say that considers Google’s Project Dragonfly from last year was designed to create a censored search engine for China. The project is now over, and President Trump has talked about on Twitter about Google and its relationship with China and its government, which can actually be a threat to the national security of America.

The rumors of Google and Huawei getting together that often have some truth in them. It’s a known thing that Google And Huawei have collaborated when it comes to Android for a lot of times. They are still working together for Android, so it makes sense to grab dinner and get drinks from time to time.

Google does not only have the Huawei for Android OEM. Google also collaborates with other OEMs, like Samsung and LG. when it comes to Samsung, people cannot really say that the two companies are that close.

Maybe Google gave Huawei its own lab only to work for the soon-to-hit-the-market Nexus 6P smartphone. They probably did it simply because Huawei needed more help to produce them. Perhaps there’s nothing more than that behind this story, besides cooperation, partnership and money.

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