Naruto Preview Teases Sasuke and Sai’s Deadly Kara Mission

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is making a comeback soon, and fans are psyched to see that the anime will finally getting back into the “Kara Arc” manga storyline. Boruto‘s anime is now giving fans a preview of what the Kara Arc will look like in its expanded anime form, and you can check that video out below! The new Boruto episode preview for “Kara’s Footprints” features Sasuke and Sai trying to investigate the mysterious Kara organization, whose existence was revealed by Shojoji, the leader of the Mujina Bandits. As you can see in the preview, Sasuke’s search may just alert Kara to his presence, before he ever confirms theirs!

There’s a real hope among manga fans in particular that the Boruto anime is about to make the larger fanbase understand what manga readers have known for a year now: The Kara Arc is a game-changing story for the entire Naruto Saga, and it has been more than enough justification for why Boruto should even exist. Not to mention, the ongoing battle with Kara has set the stage for Boruto‘s storyline to keep fans hooked for years of story to come.

Of course, the Boruto manga has been razor-sharp and lean in its focus, sticking to a pretty centralized storyline. The Boruto anime has of course, taken a much more winding path through the material, adding so much additional filler to the main manga storyline that a lot of fans have fallen off the anime.

However, the Boruto anime’s added material might soon work to its advantage, if this preview is any indication. For instance: Sasuke has a crucial role early on in the Kara Arc, but much of it took place off-page, while the manga focused on what Boruto and Co. are doing at that same time. The anime can do it better if it breaks up the manga material with smart and fitting additional story. Some of the anime arcs that some fans may not of paid much mind to could also help some of the Kara Arc’s bigger twists resonate even more powerfully than they have in the manga (won’t say which ones – you don’t want those SPOILERS!)

Boruto’s anime will soon resume. You can find new manga chapters online FREE HERE!

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