Land Rover Prepares an Electric Move with its HSE P400e

New details about a future version resurfaced and it will enter in the electric SUV games with other opponents. The plans for a total battery-powered version are being taken into consideration by the British automaker.

Until new details about an electric future for the Land Rover, we can still enjoy the Sport hybrid performance. It comes with a 296 HP 2.0 liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine combined with a 114 HP electric one, with an eight-speed automatic transmission and more driving modes. The result will let the car working like a usual hybrid, shuffling between the two-propulsion mechanism as required and teaming up to bring up to 398 HP.

The hybrid Sport will also offer the perfect equipment for a car of that type such as, an incredible air-suspension which can successfully boost the car up to 10,9 inches, and a set of flashy wheels of 20-inch which can adapt easily at any water and land conditions. Besides that, a system made to work at a two-speed total-wheel-drive will reach the top of the equipment list.

Land Rover remains the same car, though, one that it is brave enough to get to any place and get really dirty. Urbanely, the hybrid version can easily make its way anywhere, with the four-cylinder engine.

However, the hybrid Land Rover, Sport mode, will be ready to meet the world soon, in a few weeks. One of the changes that will be easily observed is the double screen control system, placed right in the center console, seen before at the Range Rover Velar model. The Sport mode it also took Range Rover’s driver-assist system which brings a powerful lane-maintaining feature, a 360-degree camera and automatic safety brakes. We can find the car at the base price of $80,295.

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