Joss Whedon Crashes Nathan Fillion’s Panel Amid Ray Fisher’s Justice League Claims

Joss Whedon crashed Nathan Fillion’s Comic-Con@Home panel amid Ray Fisher‘s Justice League claims. The moment flew under the radar, but now some fans are noticing that the creative did appear after his panel was canceled. Fillion and some of the other panel members were talking about Firefly and some of his other projects. Whedon offered some comments on that, but did not speak on Fisher or his complaints about the treatment of the cast and crew on Justice League. All of those comments came up again yesterday during the Spotlight on the Cyborg actor during Justice Con. He claimed that Whedon was probably scared of the truth coming out. The Justice League star isn’t letting this issue go away quietly in the run-up to Zack Snyder’s Justice League.

Fisher said, “There is a process that is being undergone as we speak to get to the heart of everything that I’m talking about. The man is probably scared, and he should be because we are going to get to the heart of everything – everything – that went down.”

Recently, when pressed for more details about the inappropriate behavior he alleges that he’s still under an NDA.

“I am still very much under contract and I am still very much under Non-Disclosure Agreement,” the Justice League star explained. “So I’ve got to be very careful about what I say and how I say it, otherwise I can get sued into oblivion. So just a disclaimer there. For the folks who were looking for more specifics in the moment right now, I’m sorry that I cannot give them to you in the moment right now. Just gotta make sure all your ducks are laid out in a row so you can go ahead and handle the situation appropriately so you don’t end up being, outside of professionally liable, legally liable for anything that could be litigious or whatever that would be. This will take some time, we will get it done, we will win, and then we’ll be able to move on in the world. That’s it.”


When some claimed that he could gather some more clout by breaking that, Fisher clarified that he just wanted to bring attention to an issue he felt was not talked about enough. “Keep the clout. Keep the fame,” he said. “I’d be happy going doing theater in the mountains of Oregon in obscurity, you know what I mean? I’m fine without that. I’ve often said, if this thing is the only thing I’m blessed to do, I’d be fine with that because what is going to be a wilder process than what this has been?”

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