iPhone 11 Release Date Leas and Hidden Features

The launch of the 11th version of the iPhone is just around the corner but an internal leak seems to mention the exact release date. iOS 13 is in public beta testing with its 7th iteration. The data hunters among users have spotted a bit of data that may reveal the launch date of the new iPhone.

Hidden tidbit

The code of the OS has a hidden spot under the name HoldForRelease. The code reveals an image that has a curious-looking calendar with a more curious looking date. The 10th of September is marked, which will be a Tuesday. This date is compatible with the prediction that Apple will launch the phone immediately after Labor Day in the US.

Even more curious, last year’s launch was also evidenced by the same image, buried in iOS 12. So, this might just be a recurring small oversight from Apple or an easter egg perhaps. With the theory holding lots of weight to it, be sure to clear out your schedule on the 10th of next month. That is if you’re a massive Apple fan.

Apple showcase

Apple began to conduct a rather interesting presentation with the charisma of Steve Jobs, many years ago. The wonder of these presentations has slowed down with his passing but the showcasing of Apple products has become a sort of Thanksgiving event in the US and much of the entire world. We know we will see the iPhone 11. But what else will be there?

The guess is that we will see a slight update for the iPhone lineup. The XS, the XS Max, and the XR. The iPhone 11 may get a Pro to its title and the Plus size version might be switched to a Max designation. But this is uncertain.

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