iOS 12.2 New Jailbreak Solution by ElectraTeam

Likely many iPhone and iPad owners have heard about jailbreak at least once. The infamous procedure was born after the launch of the first iPhone model, and it evolved along with the range.

A jailbroken device comes with a variety of features which are not available in the stock version of the OS. Users have the option to download and use several market apps, including Cydia. By using the apps they can download and install premium games, apps and themes without the need to pay for the, a trait which has remained the core reason for installing a jailbreak solution.

Devices which run an active jailbreak solution are also compatible with homebrew apps which can interact with a large number of hardware features.  Apple isn’t too keen on allowing apps which interact with the system on the market and those who are interested in apps which offer this type of functions will have to jailbreak their device to them.

The number and complexity of jailbreak solutions have increased over time as many were interested in unlocking the true potential of their devices. Apple has been against the practice from day one, arguing that it goes against the policy of the company. The Cupertino giant has also mentioned that devices which run a jailbreak solution are considerably more vulnerable in the face of security threats.

In recent years the interest in jailbreak solutions has started to disappear as Apple added a variety of new features to iOS. There are still some dedicated teams which continue to work on their projects, and a new jailbreak solution is available.

Those who run iOS 12.2 on their device can download and install the Chimera jailbreak solution developed by ElectraTeam.

Follow these steps to jailbreak your device:

  1. Verify that you are running iOS 12.2 by going to General/Storage/System.
  2. Go to with the help of Safari and search for Chimera. Tap on jailbreak and Install.
  3. Go to Settings/Basic/Profile and confirm the third-party profile.
  4. Tap on the icon of the app and tap again on the Jailbreak button. Wait until the task is finished and enjoy!

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