Harley Quinn Animated Series Now Available on HBO Max

The day has finally arrived, and by that we mean DC Universe‘s Harley Quinn animated series is now streaming on HBO Max. The existing two seasons of the popular series hit the streaming service on Saturday, August 1st. Now, fans who don’t subscribe to DC Universe and have been waiting to see the definitely-not-for-kids series can follow all of the wild, crazy, and hilariously unfiltered adventures can sit back and binge.

Harley Quinn arriving on HBO Max is something that fans have been anticipating since June when the series’ arrival was teased in an email sent to subscribers, noting it was “coming soon”. That tease was solidified last month when HBO Max gave the show its official August 1st arrival date. The series’ arrival on HBO Max marks the first time every current episode of the series is available outside of DC Universe, as Season 1 did air on SYFY back in May.

Harley Quinn has been wildly popular with fans since its debut and fans have been clamoring for a third season renewal, eager to see where things go for the titular character, especially regarding her relationships. The first season of Harley Quinn saw Harley attempting to join the Legion of Doom and thus prove herself as an independent villain following her breakup with the Joker. Season 2 saw Gotham City become isolated from the rest of the United States, offering an opportunity for Harley to take on the newly formed Injustice League as well as sees a romance between Harley and Poison ivy begin to blossom. That romance is something that showrunner Justin Halpern says won’t be undone should the series get a third season.

“When we were talking about where a third season could go, the first thing we both said is, ‘We don’t want to do a third season where it feels like the stakes are [whether] Harley and Ivy stay together.’ It’s much more interesting to do a show about how you navigate these very different personalities being in a relationship. And what are the fun things that can come out of that?” Halpern said. “What are the outside influences that can make that relationship tough but with the stakes being, ‘Are they going to break up? Are they not?’ So yeah, if there’s a third season, which I hope there will be, the stakes will not be, ‘Are Harley and Ivy going to stay together?’ They’re a couple.”


The first two seasons of Harley Quinn are now streaming on both DC Universe and HBO Max.

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