GTA 6 Release Not Coming Soon to Playstation and Xbox

Fans of the GTA series that were hoping to see the 6th installment of the game come to consoles soon will be disappointed. Playstation and Xbox users usually get to play new games first but they will have to wait for the release of GTA 6.

What is going on with GTA 6?

Out of all the games that will or will not come out soon, GTA 6 may just be the most anticipated out of the whole list. Rockstar, however, has not made any sort of announcement concerning the development or launch of GTA 6.

There has been a rumor flying around that GTA 6 would be set in Vice City, which is inspired by Miami. And that it will coincide with the launch of the PS5 in late 2020.

The last game in the franchise was GTA 5 and it was released in 2013. The game was used as a model for the mega-popular GTA Online that has currently attracted a great number of users with its new expansion.

Massive success with recent expansion

Diamond Casino and Resort is the expansion that has set gamers on fire. Rockstar has stated that the activity recorded with the launch of the expansion was similar to the game’s release. A record performance that the devs were not expecting. Meaning that some serious revenue is being made and work needs to be done so that fans will get more of the same experience.

In the casino update, players can actually make bets with real money. If they win big in the virtual world, they can celebrate by relaxing in private penthouses or driving luxury cars. The new space was designed to be a social hub and fans are exploring a lot in and around the casino.

Best selling game of 2019

The success of the newly released expansion has been accompanied by another unexpected success for Rockstar. Everybody was expecting a game like FIFA or The Divison 2 to best selling game of 2019 in the UK. But no, these came second to GTA 5 which surprised everyone with its impressive sales position in the country.

Choices for Rockstar

Rockstar is put in an awkward position as the company is winning on both fronts. The online game is bringing massive streams of revenue and the current trends seem to support the platform. But older fans like continuity, storylines, and perhaps a bit of nostalgia. So a single-player can’t hurt the GTA franchise.

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