Google Pixel 4 vs. Samsung Galaxy S10: Which One Should You Choose?

The next devices from Google: Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL come with a great technological challenge for Samsung S10 and Samsung S10 Plus.

We are here to make a comparison to see which one is better

According to some pieces of news, the Pixel series comes notchless, with distinct bezels, and S10 is almost borderless.

They both come with facial recognition and face unlock, which is new for the Pixel phone.

Pixel comes with hands-free gestures and motion sensing, and S10 does not.

The front camera has many sensors, and it supports facial recognition and gestures. S10 comes with one of 10 MP. With the rear camera, there’s another story: there are at least two cameras on the back for Pixel, and probably a 16 MP Telephoto zoom lens. For S10, there’s 12 MP telephoto, 12MP Wide-angle, 16MP Ultra Wide Camera.

The size of the display was not confirmed for Pixel, but for S10 there’s 6.1-inch.

The memory would be of 6GB for Pixel, but this has not been confirmed just yet. For S10, there is 8GB worth of memory.

The processor is Snapdragon 855 for both of the phones. The operating system is Android Q for Pixel and Android 9 Pie for S10.

When it comes to Artificial Intelligence, there are many improvements expected. For S10’s AI – Bixby falls short of Google Assistant.

The price would be the same for Pixel as we’ve known it, which starts at $799. For S10, the price starts from $899

The release date for Pixel is mid-October, and for S10 was March 2019.

The fantastic design of the S10 Plus, the AMOLED display – which is also the market leader, and the fast Snapdragon 855 processor, with 8GB worth of RAM, makes it kind of hard to pass on.

In the meantime, we are expecting improvements when it comes to the Pixel phone. And we are expecting a lot from the Google Assistant, which is better than Bixby or Siri.

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