Final Fantasy 7 Remake Leaks for PS5 and PC Versions

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake was programmed to run on the Sony PS4, but the latest reports show that it will also be playable on PC and the PS5 too!

The freshly leaked demo version of Final Fantasy 7 remake surfaced a lot of details from the game. It looks like there is a real chance of seeing a PC version of the Final Fantasy franchise.

Next-gen features

The game will contain features that are beyond the PS4’s technical limits, proving that Final Fantasy VII Remake will also be released for the PS5. Some costume details revealed more information about Cloud Strife in the upcoming game.

PC Code & resolution

Many tech experts analyzed the Remake demo leaks. Dataminer @roXyPS3 provided surprising details about the game. He discovered PC Code embedded into the original game code and even options for resolutions that are far beyond the PS4’s capability.

That led to the conclusion that Square Enix will soon offer the PC version of the game to the general audience. Some details hint that NVIDIA and AMD stuff for beefier computers (and the PS5) will also be available.

Costume demo leaks

Final Fantasy 7 is based on the original 1997 game, and it will borrow many scenes from it. One of such views will be Cloud Strife dressed in a woman costume and posing in a dress to rescue Tifa.

All of the previous speculations were based on the raw images that were leaked in the demo.

Launch date

The game is set to launch on March 3, 2020, only for the PS4 (at first).

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