EA CEO Says That An Update For The Sims 5 Is Right Around The Corner

The lengthy wait for The Sims 5 might be over in a matter of months. That is terrific news for the millions of fans of the Sims franchise.

The game itself has been teased for a while now by EA. Andrew Wilson, the CEO of EA himself, has confirmed that the update will be released soon.

Cross-platform experience

Gamers worldwide are pleased to learn that The Sims 5 was made with cross-platform compatibility in mind.

EA made it clear that the game can be played on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, cloud gaming platforms, and social media platforms alike.

That accentuates the fact that The Sims 5 is aimed at the younger audience, who patronize these systems and prefer playing games on them.

The game will, of course, be optimized for each platform to maximize performance and provide an entertaining experience.

Advanced role-playing

The Sims 5 will take role-playing to the next level thanks to the cross-platform compatibility.

Social media will also have a significant contribution to the overall experience because the developers put a firm emphasis on the multiplayer experience and stats comparison system.

Release date

The precise release date for The Sims 5 is uncertain at the moment. That comes as no surprise because developers usually choose not to share launch date details so quickly since they focus on delivering a polished, high-quality product rather than releasing an unfinished game fast.

The current year has just begun, and we expect developers to take their time to publish a release date for the upcoming Sims game. Fans of the series will have to be patient for just a few more months (at most).

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