Dragon Age​ 4’s Location Will Soon Be Revealed​

BioWare’s Dragon Age 4 is now highly expected as its not-long-ago-released Anthem was quite a disappointment for all the fans awaiting it. Dragon Age 4 will show whether the RPG game creator expert can still develop great gameplay that will blow people’s minds.

A new brief story collection might soon be released, which we expect to detail a bit on how Dragon Age 4​ turns out.

Dragon Age: Tevinter Nights is a new collection of stories created by a few BioWare authors, and edited by Dragon Age’s lead writer, Patrick Weekes. He announced his position as editor of the new set of tales on Twitter and mentioned all those involved in developing the stories.

Aside from the authors working on the book, there is not much information on what the library will hold. Even so, its title seems a definite teaser as to where the Dragon Age series is moving next.

Tevinter Nights Collection of Stories

Every Dragon Age game, until now, has, more or less, concentrated on one area of the continent of Thedas, where the gameplay is located. Therefore, Dragon Age Origins brought Ferelden, Dragon Age​ 2’s gameplay was located in the city of Kirkwall, and Dragon Age​: Inquisition focused on the Orlesian Empire. ​

Often mentioned as the Tevinder Imperium, a region where magic is not so restricted as in other areas of Thedas, has a number of people seen as antagonists in the Dragon Age​ world. The title of the new brief tales collection somehow supports the rumor that Dragon Age​ 4 universe will take place in the Tevinter Imperium. Aside from the fact that BioWare has used books to decide on the forthcoming areas and characters in its games, the Dragon Age​ Inquisition’s final DLC scene depicted the main character Inquisitor throw a knife into the core of the Tevinter Imperium on a map.

This is showing to a certain direction, and towards a region that has left fans of the franchise quite curious.

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