Doom Patrol Star Matt Bomer Speaks Out on Future DC TV Crossovers

The CW’s “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover event forever changed not just the network’s Arrowverse of DC Comics inspired television shows but it also unexpectedly introduced the idea that other shows not then airing on the network were also part of the television Multiverse — including DC Universe series Titans, Swamp Thing, Stargirl, and Doom Patrol. In the case of Doom Patrol, while the “Crisis” moment wasn’t a true crossover — it was more a cameo appearance than anything else — it marked the second time the offbeat characters have appeared outside of their own series after their introduction on Titans. With the precedent established — and “Crisis” opening up world of possibility, many have wondered if we might just see Doom Patrol crossing over with other DC shows in the future. Now, series star Matt Bomer is weighing in, noting that he’s game for anything.

Speaking with Digital Spy, Bomer admitted that he can’t exactly imagine a crossover situation for Doom Patrol, but said that if it were to happen, he’d be open to it and that showrunner Jeremy Carver would make any crossover opportunity great.

“I don’t see it,” Bomer said. “I think the show is so full as it is. But those decisions are way above my pay grade. And I’m sure that if Jeremy Carver ever decides to do that, he would do it in such a great way. So, I’m game for anything. But it’ snot something that’s really crossed my mind if I’m honest with you.”

As fans may recall, at the end of “Crisis”, audiences were introduced to the new Multiverse and among them was Earth-21, the world designated as the home of the Doom Patrol. Fans even got to see the team of misfit heroes dancing on the lawn of Doom Manor. While the Earth-21 designation indicates that in the wider Arrowverse all the shows are connected, it also comes with a catch: as far as The CW heroes know, there is now Multiverse. All the worlds they knew and loved came together to form Earth-Prime and that’s all there is — something that could make any potential Arrowverse crossover with Doom Patrol something that’s fairly unlikely at this point.

Even without a crossover situation, though, Bomer has said that there will be plenty to keep fans entertained in Season 2, especially when it comes to the villains. The actor told recently that there are some really entertaining and interesting villains in store for fans as the season goes on.

“Well, what I love about the show is that you really don’t know what you’re getting in a villain. Oftentimes, you have somebody like Red Jack who is just terrifying and horrific. And my goodness, it’s almost like bordering on torture porn at times,” Bomer said. “And then, you have, Dr. Tyme who you’re laughing out loud at, it’s hysterical. They really run the gamut and you don’t know what to expect. I think Dorothy’s demons are particularly interesting because they are such a mix of the internal and the external. In terms of what can just sheer entertainment value, there’s a running gag with the sex ghosts this year that, I mean, just made me laugh until I cried every time I read it.”

He added, “And I won’t give too much away. It’s something you should encounter on your own and have your own relationship with it. But to me, it was just one of the funniest things I’d ever read.”


Do you want to see Doom Patrol crossover with the Arrowverse, or any other DC series for that matter? Let us know in the comments below.

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