Digimon Adventure Reveals New DigiDestined Origin

Digimon Adventure‘s 20th Anniversary reboot anime has already made several significant changes from the original series’ story with the first few episodes of the series, and now the newest episode has dramatically changed things even more with a whole new origin for the 8 original DigiDestined children. After introducing the concept of Holy Digimon into the series with Episode 5, it was revealed that these Holy Digimon and their long ago war against the forces of darkness actually gave way to the new DigiDestined this time around. It’s a much different creation than before.

In the original series, the DigiDestined were chosen in two distinct groups from an entity of balance in the Digital World known as “Homeostasis.” When the Dark Masters attacked in the original series, a set of agents escaped with the bred Digimon eggs and Crests meant for the future chosen children. That’s not the case in the reboot.

While it if far too soon to discover whether or not Homeostasis (or the Dark Masters for that matter) exist in this new version of Digimon Adventure, there are clues that the root of this original origin has made it to the reboot too. As the Holy Digimon explains to Tai and the others, there was a war between them and the Dark Digimon forces. This war left them completely destroyed, but after the battle they found they had a surprise backup in place.

Digimon Adventure New DigiDestined Origin
(Photo: Toei Animation)

When the original six Digimon (sans the angels, curiously) fought back against the evil, they were defeated and returned to their original egg forms. As this happened, they also saw a future plan taking shape with human children coming to the Digital World to re-train these six Digimon and grow them in power alongside their chosen partner.


To figure out what to do next as the “Dark Digimon” approaches, they must head to “the continent” to find the Holy Digimon and discover the key to saving the Digital World. This gives them a more concrete mission than in the original series, and thus cements these reboot versions of the characters are in a far more dangerous fight than anyone could have expected.

What do you think of the DigiDestined’s new origin story? Will there be a future tie to homeostasis later in the reboot series? What are the Holy Digimon? Let us know your thoughts in the comments, or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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