CyberPunk 2077 Card Game – What Going To Happen?

Fans of the Witcher series from CD Projekt Red will know that the Witcher 3 had a built-in card game called Gwent. This was meant as a diversion for the protagonist as well as the player. Just something to do in the taverns or with some of the key characters.

Gwent was extremely well received by players and evolved into a separate game by the same name. The devs have already announced such a separate card game for Cyberpunk 2077, called Afterlife. But a built-in game will not be available for the upcoming game. Maybe it’s lame to play card games in the future.

Built-in card game rumor

There was a rumor circulating that Android: Netrunner would be converted into such a built-in game. The whispers started flying after the game in question abruptly stopped functioning. This game functioned from 2012 to 2018 and due to an unknown reason, its license has not been continued. The rumor has been dispelled by the studio.

CyberPunk 2077: Afterlife

After the Netrunner rumor had been squased, it was announced that the stand-alone card game called Afterlife will be made by Bloodborne card creator Eric Lang. Cd Project Red have stepped up to announced that they will not be involved with a Netrunner project, opting for a unique, stand-alone project.

The card game for Bloodborne was obviously an offshoot of the original game as was the stand-alone version of Gwent. But Bloodborne did not have a built-in version to create from. The designer of the card game, Eric Lang, has done such a good job, he has received awards for it.

The Bloodborne card game involves 3 to 5 players going to the Chalice Dungeons beneath Yharnam and battling a series of iconic monsters from the game. Along the way, they will receive different rewards and trophies but only one of the players will win the game.

So, the Cyberpunk card game will be in good hands, especially being a unique, stand-alone project that the award-winning designer can tackle.

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