Bleach Fan Strikes Out with an Impressive Rangiku Cosplay

Bleach has made a big comeback in the last year as the news went live about its impending return. It will not be long before Ichigo Kurosaki returns to the small screen, and that means a lot of Soul Reapers are coming with him. That is why one fan is getting all the love on Instagram for their impressive take on Rangiku Matsumoto, and it is pretty spot-on.

The look was done by odysseykayn who does all sorts of cosplay. While they recently gave a spotlight of Unohana, the cosplayer is still getting love for a piece they debuted in June. With so many anime conventions on hold, this fan brought their Rangiku cosplay to the Internet, and fans are in love with her edgy take.

As you can see, the Bleach cosplay shows the fan rocking a glamorous wig that steals the show. The flowing hairpiece is dyed the exact color from the anime, and its loose waves are plenty impressive. The wig is paired with the usual Soul Reaper outfit you’d find the lieutenant in, but that is not all. This sleek look also features some quality tattoos which make Rangiku look even more badass than usual.

After checking out this cosplay, you can see why fans are excited to welcome back Rangiku and the rest of the Soul Society. The gang never got to finish their story on screen as Bleach was cut short before its final arc. Earlier this year, it was announced the anime would return to TV to adapt the Thousand-Year Blood War from the manga. This epic story reunites the Soul Reapers with the Quincy after a certain villain shows up. But even after defeating Aizen, Ichigo is no match for this new threat when they appear and decimate the afterlife as fans know it.

What do you make of this impressive Soul Reaper cosplay? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

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