Black Clover Director Shares Fierce Noelle Art

Black Clover‘s is currently making its way through an arc original to the anime series featuring the six months of training series creator Yuki Tabata skipped over in the manga, and the newest episode was a particularly strong showcase for the fan favorite Black Bulls squad member, Noelle Silva. Director Tatsuya Yoshihara was a big fan of this episode in particular as well, and celebrated the release of this episode with some fierce artwork. Yoshihara had been teasing fans about what they could expect with Episode 136 of the series, so fans know they were in for a treat when the episode itself aired at last.

What wasn’t expected, however, was a focus on Noelle as she is training to better master her Water Magic abilities. Returning to the Water Temple from earlier in the series, Noelle had been using the natural mana of the area to better boost her own abilities. And although it has yet to be fully explained in the anime, this training was in the right direction as mastery of the natural mana will be what is needed to strengthen her spells.

On top of an episode with some pretty fantastic water effects and animation, Noelle was a tour de force thanks to her use of the Valkyrie Dress. This armor is what director Yoshihara paid tribute to as well through a sketch shared with fans on Twitter. Reflecting how bright Noelle was shining in the dark waters of the actual episode, it’s definitely a fierce look for the heroine. You can check it out below:

One of the major advancements Noelle made in the episode was her use of Runes. These will be the key to strengthening all of their spells by helping to harness the natural mana around them, and Noelle was the first Black Bull to effectively use them in the anime so far. Now we’ll begin to see more of these techniques before the anime returns to the manga with the fight against the Spade Kingdom.

What did you think of Black Clover‘s newest Noelle focused episode? Did you catch the extra bit of power she tapped into before using her strongest attack? Excited to see what she’ll be up to as this training arc continues in the anime? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!

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