Best Minecraft Shaders of 2019 Compatible with Java 1.13 Version

Minecraft’s ever-growing community is one of the greatest gaming communities of all time, and thankfully, lots of great modders are part of it. Generally, people enjoy playing vanilla Minecraft, but for those who have a stronger taste for realism, graphical mods are the solution. Shaders play a big role in gameplay, so it’s essential that players pick one that suits their desires best.

Here’s a quick list of Minecraft shaders, in no particular order:

Sildur’s Vibrant

This shader pack can be installed in a variety of performance levels, ranging from Lite (which works wonders on low-end computers) to an extreme, for some truly impressive effects. Anyway, this mod adds natural lighting that drastically improves gameplay.

BSL Shaders

This is a stellar mod that works on both integrated and dedicated graphics cards, bringing a lot of improvements to the game. Light is soft, natural, making color deep and rich while also keeping the feel of Minecraft as vanilla as possible.

CrankerMan’s TME Shaders

This shader is only recommended for high end gaming PC’s, as the “TME” part of the mod’s name stands for “Too Many Effects”. This mod is great for taking impressive photos even though it might make the frame rate drop at times. This shader offers a complete bundle: reflections, blooms, flares, waving foliage and others.


SEUS (short for Sonic Ether’s Unbelievable Shaders) is an exciting shader available in various versions, also meant for very powerful gaming computers, offering the best visual effects possible.

SEUS is compatible with Minecraft Java 1.13 for the moment.

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