ARK Survival Evolved Update Genesis Season Pass Available to Download

ARK Survival Evolved players will now benefit from an update that fixes and optimizes the game. The update is available now for the Genesis Season Pass for PS4, Xbox, and PC gamers. Fans are reporting gaining access to the update, so now official patch notes from the devs are available at the moment. We have managed to make a list nonetheless.

ARK Survival Evolved Update: Fixes and optimization

  • Fixed save failure on Xbox Valguero
  • Fixed Ice Wyvern Eggs that showed as boxes
  • Fixed Ice Wyverns being invisible on Valguero
  • Fixed Brood Mother being invisible
  • Ice Titan freeze reduction, now 12 seconds
  • Planet Y trap reduction, now 10 seconds
  • Fabricate Sniper Rifle increased armor penetration by 25 percent
  • Longneck Rifle armor penetration increased by 40 percent
  • Forest Titan not able to grab target past Tek Shield
  • Forest Titan not able to grab Mek pilot
  • Shadow Steak Saute light sensitivity removed

Updating issues

PC users will have to download a 2 GB update for ARK but console users will get a whopping 20 GB + update. Some gamers are reporting server issues while downloading the update, mentioning unstable allocations.

The new season pass is also something that is kind of unclear. As it is not available for PC users on Steam yet. But some are reporting that they can access the DLC just fine by finishing the download.

Next Season Pass

Ark Genesis Part 1 will be the next season pass and will be available on December 2019. The content for the next major update has been teased today by the devs. But Part 2 will take a considerable amount of time to be released, with a late 2020 scheduled launch. Seeing that Part 1 already has two reported new worlds available.

The devs have teased new creatures that can be tamed, brand new buildings, and maps with biodomes to wander around.

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