ARK Genesis Release Date Was Updated

The initial ARK Genesis release date was changed just before its scheduled launch in ARK Survival Evolved on Xbox One, PS4, and PC.

According to Studio Wildcard, a few more hours separate us from a full release, meaning that it should become available the next morning.

The original release date for the game will remain unchanged unless another update gets issued.

Message from the developer

Studio Wildcard stated:

“We’re anxious to get Genesis in your hands, but we’ve hit a snag while publishing. We’re expecting an additional couple hours in the previously communicated launch times.”

About ARK Genesis

ARK Genesis Part 1 comes after a long delay and will be available for download across all platforms simultaneously. Developers warned that some players would receive the update in March, the delay being provoked by an issue with language localisation.

ARK Genesis on all platforms will probably come as part of a bigger update.

If you decide not to buy the new DLC, you will still need to download the patch to be able to keep playing.


Studio Wildcard made the following announcements regarding delays:

“The Asian/Japanese Genesis 1 will be delayed until March due to the increased localization required for this release.

“This will not impact our 2/25 rollout for other regions. We will keep you updated on our progress.”

It is unknown when the second part of ARK Survival Evolved Genesis will be released, but it will undoubtedly be worth the wait.

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