Antivirus and Internet Security – Protect Yourself with a Premium Security Suite

We have written this article to establish the difference between the internet security software and antivirus because people are often wondering which one is better.

First of all, if they are from the same developer the two options won’t present any difference regarding the quality of the protection from malware. When they are not from the same company, most experts believe that internet security is more efficient and we will find out why.

The superiority of internet security is brought by the additional security tools such protection for your banking account and for different ways of buying stuff online, a personal firewall and the list goes on. These programs keep you safe from hackers, identity thieves and other forms of online scams.

The costs of antivirus and internet security software

We have to say from the start that the two of them are different when it comes to the number of licenses. A typical antivirus provides a one-year license for one computer at the price of $30-$40. On the other hand, internet security software come usually in a package of 3 user licenses for more money, $50-$60. Even if it’s more expensive, the quality value are better.

We’re not excluding the idea of finding internet security programs cheaper on sites like Amazon but you should always be careful and check if the seller is legit because at the end of the day you don’t want to download malware.

The premium security suite

An even better and safer option than internet security software is something called “premium security suite”. We are talking about more programs like a VPN, account protection, even webcam monitoring, parental controls and many, many more.

These programs are available on mobile and Mac computers. The premium security suite also protects your other devices like smart Tvs for 90 dollars per year and provides 10 or more user licenses.

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