Adventure Time: Distant Lands Announces Obsidian for HBO Max Featuring Marceline and Princess Bubblegum

Adventure Time: Distant Lands is back with another special called Obsidian on HBO Max. Princess Bubblegum and Marceline get another chance to shine in the follow-up special to the beloved Cartoon Network show. Adventure Time had a panel at Comic-Con@Home and a bunch of the cast and crew were along to talk about the new special. Adam Muto, executive producer, and Olivia Olson, the voice of Marceline, were able to speak on how this special will be a departure from the Cartoon Network show. But, never fear, that magic still lives in these specials even if they’re on HBO Max instead.

“I was really really excited when I read the script. I think the way that they executed this storyline with ‘Obsidian’ is going to be really satisfying for the fans to really tick off a lot of questions that they’ve had…I think a big arc for [Marceline] in ‘Obsidian’ is just sort of getting over the barriers that she’s put in place for herself,” Olson said during the panel.

“If you really look at Marceline as a character, her story started way before the Finn and Jake timeline of things, and so she’s gone through lifetimes of ups and downs with different people and seen them come and go and stuff like that,” she added. “I think it has put her walls up really really high as far as how much she lets people into her life. She kind of decodes some of those themes, because ultimately, she can’t move forward with Bubblegum unless she tackles some of her own issues.”

Muto offered some thoughts on how the metaphor of the title ties into where Marcy is at when compared to the finale of Adventure Time.

“It’s not a perfect metaphor, but it’s a metaphor,” Muto revealed. “Obsidian is a type of natural glass. Spiritually it can be protective and absorb negativity, but it also can be weaponized, as an actionable material. It kind of has those elements to it that the characters within the show are exhibiting in this episode.”


“Cleansing, that’s also a property of obsidian, that it’s supposed to draw out stress and kind of expose things. That’s kind of what this special is about too. Not necessarily a checklist of every event of the PB/Marceline relationship, but just kind of snapshots for seeing some of where their older stresses and conflicts have come from,” he added. “But we also wanted to keep it sort of about them now, so it’s like what their relationship would be like a couple years down the road. And also, they have a big romantic moment, and then what comes after that.”

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