mixing alcohols not responsible for the hangover

Popular belief is that a hangover awaits those who mix beer and wine or consume one before the other.

The work of British researchers shows instead that the order of alcohol consumption does not really affect your condition the next day. The responsible is rather the amount of alcohol you consume at a well-watered evening.

Under controlled laboratory conditions, researchers at Cambridge University asked 90 volunteers between the ages of 19 and 40 to drink beer and wine to determine once and for all whether the hangover was made worse by order in which the drinks are ingested.

The participants received a standardized meal adapted to their individual energy needs and then divided into three groups. The first drank about two and a half pints of lager, followed by four large glasses of white wine. The second group consumed the same drinks, but in reverse order. The third group drank only beer or wine.

The researchers measured the alcohol content in their breath and the drinkers stopped drinking when they had the same level of alcohol in their system.

Before going to bed, everyone received a glass of water, the size of which depended on their body weight. After a night under medical supervision, participants were asked to rate their respective states based on factors such as headaches, dizziness, nausea, and stomach upset.

The exercise was repeated a week later, but the participants had to change the order of their consumption.

The results show that the order in which the drinks were consumed had no impact on the intensity of the hangover.

In addition, the subjective signs of progressive intoxication have been confirmed as accurate indicators of the severity of a burnout. So, if you feel drunk at bedtime, you are likely to have a difficult awakening.

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