NASA faces first ever felony committed in outer space

Even in space sometimes is just hard to handle things. A recent report unveiled something quite unexpected and shocking. NASA is facing one of the most well-known felonies, theft.

An appreciated and talented astronaut, Anne McClain, took the world of scientists and NASA by storm. The actions made by the astronaut are unimaginable because as NASA stated, they didn’t encounter something like that until now.

NASA started investigating McClain’s case, trying to understand what drove the astronaut, after all, to do something like that. McClains is highly accused of a felony we all know is made by a story in two parts. She committed identity theft and accessing her wife’s private financial history, improperly. And she did all of that while she embarked on an outer space journey, her sixth, to the Moon, with the International Space Station.

McClain’s former spouse, Summer Worden, was left in shock and terror, to find the actions of her partner. She intended a filed complaint later this year, partnering with the Federal Trade Commission, just after she found out about the felony. Warden’s family also filed a complaint with NASA’s Office of Inspector General.

For McClain the situation just becomes filled with a lot of frustration, betrayal and lost love. Well, maybe she didn’t feel it coming up there in space, right? Her lawyer declared that she had done nothing bad, accessing her estranged wife’s’ bank records, while on her space mission, because she had done something similar many times while back home, too.

Anne McClain returned to Earth somewhere in June, and succeeding to gather enough fame and praise for being one of two women selected for an all so historic and all-female space journey, but NASA thought that the reason of picking a woman was just because they couldn’t find the right man to fit in a costume, developing with this statement a case of sexism

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