Error 0x803f8003 Something Went Wrong on Xbox One [FIXES]

Error 0x803f8003 Something Went Wrong

If you’re seeing the error 0x803f8003 something went wrong code on your Xbox One, especially if you want to launch a game on the console, or trying to log into your account, don’t panic. It’s not unsurmountable as there are several solutions to fix it.

The error usually shows up when your subscription is expired, or when a subscription is required. Try the following troubleshooting steps to resolve it and get gaming again.

How to fix Error 0x803f8003 something went wrong on Xbox One

Quick checks and fixes

  • Check the status of your subscription. If you see the Error 0x803f8003 something went wrong, it could be that your subscription for Xbox Live is expired, so you can’t access any game that needs it to work. To check this status, log in to your Microsoft account and go to the Services and Subscriptions page
  • Restart the Xbox One console by double pressing the Xbox button to open the Guide from your controller and going to Settings>Restart Console then confirm the action by clicking Yes. Sign in and relaunch the game
  • Relaunch the game to fix any temporary problems by pressing Xbox button on the controller to open Home screen and selecting the Game tile. Press menu and click Quit then try to relaunch the game after a minute or so

Hard reboot your console

If you’re still seeing Error 0x803f8003, you can try a hard reboot to fix the problem. Make sure you turn the console on and then hold down the power button until it switches off. Unplug any cables plus the console from the power outlet and reconnect the brick and controller. Power back the console and check if the error disappeared.

Factory reset the Xbox One

This helps to fix Xbox errors so take the steps below to perform a soft/hard reset:

  • Press Xbox on your controller to open Guide
  • Open System>Settings
  • Go to System again and click Console Info>Reset Console. Here you can either Reset and Keep my games and apps or Reset and remove everything (deletes everything including any installed games and apps, but progress data in the cloud remains untouched)

Delete and reinstall the game

The Xbox Error 0x803f8003 can also be caused by corrupted entries in games. To resolve this, reinstall the game by doing this:

  • In Home, select My games and Apps>See all
  • Click on the games you want to uninstall and press Menu
  • Select Manage games and add-ons>Uninstall all
  • Restart the console
  • Try installing the game from a physical copy or from Xbox Store

If all else fails, get in touch with Xbox support for further guidance and assistance on the error.

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