Xbox Insider Teases What Games to Expect at Xbox Series X Event

An industry insider has teased what Xbox Series X and Xbox One games Xbox fans can expect at Microsoft‘s big Xbox Games Showcase event later this month. Earlier this week, Microsoft revealed the event will go down on July 23. At the moment, official details on the event are quite scarce. For example, it’s unclear how long it will be. However, we do know it’s going to focus on both Xbox Series X and Xbox One games. with the focus presumably being on the former. Meanwhile, thanks to the aforementioned insider, we may know some of the games that will be present.

For starters, there’s Halo Infinite. Microsoft has already confirmed the new Halo will be at the showcase and that fans will get their first-ever look at its gameplay. Meanwhile, we also know Double Fine’s Psychonauts 2 will be present. It’s safe to assume not only will we get a new trailer for the game, but release information.

The insider, Venture Beat’s Jeff Grub, also suggests Hellblade II, Wasteland 3, Age of Empires IV, Everwild (Rare’s new game), and a new Forza will be present.

Grubb also mentions Playground Games not-so-secret open-world game will be revealed at the show. It’s heavily rumored this is either Fable 4 or a Fable reboot.

Meanwhile, the report claims the debut game from The Initiative won’t be present, which is contrary to some previous rumors and reports about the event. There’s also no mention fo Obsidian, who is rumored to be working on an ambitious RPG that some are saying will be revealed during the event. The report also comes we won’t see anything from Mojang, the makers of Minecraft.

Grub confirms there will be third-party games, but doesn’t disclose any specifics. What is noted is that we won’t see the rumored Xbox Series S or hear about the release date or price point for the Xbox Series X.


Of course, everything here should be taken with a major grain of salt. While Grubb has proven reliable in the past, none of this is official, and it’s subject to change.

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