UK Postpones Theater Re-Openings, Mandates Face Coverings

The United Kingdom has postponed its opening of theaters and placed increased mask restrictions for when locations open their gates. The news comes after an official address where Boris Johnson briefed the public on the move from August 8th to August 15th. While the PM had previously thought that thinks could relax a bit, some recent spikes have caused him to rethink his approach to the virus. So, a week later for reopening and when guests reach the doors, they will need masks. Johnson included all sorts of other indoor activities in these comments as well. Casinos, concert venues, and bowling alleys will all require masks for entry as well.

“We will also extend the requirement to wear a face covering to other indoor settings where you are likely to come into contact with people you do not normally meet, such as museums, galleries, cinemas and places of worship,” Johnson said. “We now recommend face coverings are worn in these settings, and this will become enforceable in law from August 8.”

Over on our side of the pond, the date for theaters reopening keeps being pushed back. But AMC Theatres still has hopes for the summer season.

“As we plan our reopening, the health and safety of our guests and associates is our absolute highest priority,” AMC said in a previous statement. “To be able to open, we also need a line of sight into a regular schedule of new theatrical blockbusters that get people truly excited about returning to their favorite movie theatres. Those blockbusters are scheduled to return this summer, beginning with Warner Brothers’ Tenet and Disney’s Mulan, with many more major titles scheduled immediately thereafter.”


“While we expect to open our theaters in the weeks ahead of these new blockbusters, utilizing creative programming of immensely popular previously released films, we would be wise to do so only directly in advance of the release of major new movie titles. AMC is currently working through every detail required to successfully showcase these exciting new releases in an environment that’s safe and welcoming for moviegoers, and we will share those details as we get closer to the dates when our theaters will reopen.”

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